Hi! Welcome to the crazy lives of D&M. We are an adventurous couple; two natural born nomads. D likes going up, M enjoys coming down. The adrenaline of a conquered view is a winner in both our books. We're nicer when our bellies are full of yummy food. On and off the road we also enjoy reading, taking pictures and being outdoors. D loves to cradle a cup of coffee, especially when she's blogging. M is more of a tea guy. We both love chai.

M: can't I just videotape it?

D: researcher extraordinaire and avid blogger

Infusing a youthful energy into the group, the little dudes have put on a new spin of the definition of tiyulon:

Little N-  our designated toddler!  He thinks he's the boss, but we still decide where he goes.  
Baby B-the newest addition to our team. He will flash anyone a smile and is on a mission to give us premature grey hair.

We are just your average couple, raising two little boys in Mexico, while M is in school. We love spending time together as a family and try to make traveling and exploration a priority. We love meeting new people, getting to know different cultures, trying all kinds of foods and helping out our fellow travelers.

We started this blog to share our adventures and advice with friends, family and fellow travelers. Throughout our travels we have been blessed with acts of kindness by our hosts and travel companions. We believe in paying it forward and therefore try write up our travel tips following every trip.

We are committed to writing quality content based on our experiences and questions that we're asked. That being said, all tips are based on our subjective opinions and all price quotes are accurate for the time in which they were written.

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