Tuesday, January 7, 2014


This blog is not doing so well. No time. All hours of the day are tasked with something, and by the time I crash on the couch post-bedtime it is practically my bedtime. Things are good, happy and tiring, but definitely good. I have lots of started posts, or ideas, but little energy to follow through with writing them. In short: one more semester is over, one more to go! Lots of friends moving/moved....but we're starting to get ready for our move as well. Baby Brother celebrated his first Halloween, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving. Little Boy is talking up a storm. But in the spirit of a little retrospection, my top three highlights of the past year:

1- Baby Brother: the birth, the person, the joy. By far, how could anything compare? There are just no words to describe the joy he brings our family.

2- The Trip: we took a month long backpacking trip with the kiddos. It required more planning, more effort and more stuff than we've ever taken, but it was fabulous.

3- Wearing pre-Little Boy jeans. It's so vain for this to be a highlight, but with all the nutritional changes going on this year (due to both MSPI and newfound knowledge), it was a long time coming and it makes me happy.

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