Wednesday, January 29, 2014

11 Months!

Another amazing month has gone by in the blink of an eye. The theme of the month is most definitely cruising! From wall to wall, couch to table, tv stand to couch, toilet to shower door, cabinet to oven, you have been on the move! One of your favorite activities is standing and banging on walls or just  feeling walls with your hands if we are holding you. You especially love seeing reflection in unexpected spots: the oven door, the car window, etc. Your other daily activity is emptying: emptying bins, emptying cupboards, emptying bookshelves. It makes for lot of fun and lots of unending mess all over the house.

In the world of language your favorite sound from last month"a-ta"continues and has evolved into the ocasional "dadada". In particular, we enjoy your long morning monologues. We imagine you are telling us about your lovely dreams and wonderful sleep. Even more prominent than spoken language though has been your gesturing signs. The most delightful is when you wave bye bye! You also open and close your hands when you want us to give you something (like more food, or water), and you tug your tray hard so we know you are done. Dare we wait for a minute and you will start tossing the leftover food piece by piece on the floor until we get the message!

You are quite the alarm clock in terms of your schedule: up at 8, nap at 10:30, lunch at noon, nap at 3 and dinner shall be served at precisely 6 o'clock without fail. We are now squarely on three meals a day and though breakfast and lunch are not that big, dinner ends up being a feast of whatever we are eating.  You absolutely love bath time and splashing the water or trying to grab the stream as it comes into the tub. If given the opportunity you are keen to fill a cup with water and start drinking it. But the thing you love more than anything? Being held, and preferably by your mommy. You are our cuddly (not so) little baby and we love you more than anything!

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