Monday, January 6, 2014

10 Months!

This month a lightbulb turned on! You have a new alertness and understanding on the world. You charm people with your coyish smile and then act shy. You seek them out and then grin in delight when they notice, as if it was their idea to seek you out! But you also voice your discontent when moved away from something you "need" to explore, particularly toilet water.

We spent much of this month on the road, and so you didn't get to practice you skills as much as you would have liked. Nevertheless you can now crawl all the way up stairs to third floor, stand using anything, even a flat wall, for balance, lean down to splash the water while standing up in the bath, and pick up a cup to drink water!

In the food department we have mostly moved to three meals a day. Your favorite food by far is bread although we are finally starting to expand the options. And you now have 4 teeth and are the proud new owner of a baby toothbrush which delights you to no end!

We learned that you hate sand, you have quite sensitive skin, you love attacking your brother, can play exceedingly well by yourself with toys, enjoy being read short books, love being cuddled and caressed, do pretty well with self regulating your sleep, and laugh at us when we say "no". Oh boy, we are in trouble...but we can't wait for more to come! 

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