Monday, July 8, 2013

Houston: Astro's Game + Museum of Fine Arts

Seeing as it was Baby B's first visit to the US, and it was summer time, we decided to take the kids to their first baseball game. We headed to Minute Maid park, bought our tickets and headed inside. After finding our seats, we ordered some food and enjoyed the first three innings in relative calm. By then we needed some other activities so we walked around, got the kiddos souvenirs to commemorate their first game, filled out surveys and managed to see a couple more innings in the interim. When it was way past nap time, we headed out and called the game a success!

Another day, this time with Auntie V in town, we all headed to the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. The boys were extremely interested, particularly Baby B. We saw a nice portion of the exhibits and then were off for some Texas BBQ lunch.

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