Sunday, April 21, 2013

Puerto Vallarta Marina Vacation with 2, Part 2

Time went by way too fast! We were having a great time in the pools during the day, going upstairs for Little N's afternoon nap, and then heading out refreshed for a short activity and dinner. Baby B was just a dream in the carrier and would eat and fall asleep in our laps during dinner. Day three had us back in the marina for the weekly artisanal market. It was very similar to the tianguis we know from Guadalajara. 

We also made some time to head to the beach strip. It was just enough for Little N to get a little bit of sand play, and because of the proximity to the marina, we saw the cruise ships coming in and out in the mornings and evenings.

On our final day we managed to grab a quick family picture with some last minute pool time before heading out. It was just the perfect first family vacation.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Puerto Vallarta Marina Vacation with 2, Part 1

Little B was just 6 weeks old when we decided we needed to get out of town! After skipping out on vacation during the third trimester and early newborn days, all of us were itching to see something other than the walls of our house and that same darn trail (not dogging the trail cuz you know we love it). The drive to Vallarta takes 4.5 hours with minimal stopping. It took us about 6 and we were happy with that!

 Why do we always end up at the only rest stop where you have to pay to use the restroom?
(because there aren't any other ones in that stretch)

We made it by late afternoon, got settled into the hotel room, and went quickly down to the marina for dinner. Victor's, an old stand by, hit the spot just fine, and we loved being in a resort that was walking distance to restaurants.

 All the rooms have balconies and an ocean view. We loved it. 

 Little N loved every minute.

 The shallow pools were just perfect.

The second evening, we decided to head to Puerto Vallarta itself just to see the town for a bit. It had been a few years since we last stayed downtown. The board walk was busy but fun. We had a nice little dinner and when Little N said it was time, we headed back to the hotel to go to sleep.