Thursday, March 28, 2013

1 Month Update

How quickly this first month has flown by! You are quite an amazing baby and we're already seeing that you will give us a run for our money. From the minute you were born, you've been incredibly strong. Within the first week you were already making attempts to lift your head up and by one month you already hold your head when we pick you up! You knew how to nurse from the moment you arrived and have been eating around the clock ever since. Curiously enough you prefer to empty your bowels "en aire libre", and for that matter your bladder as well. It has made diaper changes quite the unexpected adventure. 

The animal comparisons of a newborn baby hold very true in your case as well. The little sounds you make sound very much like a little birdy, and you most definitely have the monkey instincts, grabbing our shirts to hold on, lest you fall! Speaking of a little birdy, you follow your toy with your eyes all around; indeed it is the magical toy it was with your brother as well. We are so excited to see this development and the many to come. We are already getting a preview of your smile and can't wait for it to emerge. We love you very much and already can't imagine our life without you!

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