Friday, February 8, 2013

Preparing for Birth: New Directions

After our last discussion, I came away with an uneasy feeling that I needed to try out a different care provider. This time it was 180 degree turn: the office was small on a residential street, the doctor had us sitting on a couch next to him, felt the position of the baby with his hands, listened with a doppler, looked at the scale for about 10 seconds and declared everything well. It was the least medical doctor's visit I have been to in a while. Granted, we had come to him on the knowledge that this was a practice specializing in VBACs and water births but his 100% success rate in VBACs for the last year definitely made us feel as if they would do everything to give us the birth experience we wanted. I wish I could say that I was totally convinced after our meeting, but I wasn't yet. I didn't have the rapport of months of visits and we hadn't left much time for that.

This particular doctor encourages the use of a doula, so our next step was meeting with a doula that came highly recommended by a local friend. During the meeting we discussed my first birth story, some advice for the birth and onwards, and things we can do to prepare. A couple days after the meeting when I had finally processed everything we discussed I felt significantly better about the situation. We had an alternative and were starting to form a plan.

At 36 weeks we had our last appointment with the old doctor and a second appointment with the new one. Even though my mind was mostly made up, these final appointments solidfied my feeling that New Doctor was the right choice. I suppose at this point it was all about attitude: Old Doctor warned me about gaining too much weight and mentioned that Baby Brother was posterior and that would make labor hard. New Doctor said we are right on track and wanted to know about my emotional well-being and expectations for labor (for myself and for him).

We had two final benchmarks at 37 weeks. First we went to get a final ultrasound and got news that everything was looking good; the tech predicted we were still about two weeks out from D-Day. The second was a childbirth preparation class focusing on labor positions. Since we had opted out of the full course, our doula, who was teaching the class, suggested we come for this one practical lesson. The entire class was in a dimly lit room with candles flickering and ambient music. We went over various positions with the birth ball, standing, sitting, massage, etc. M took a little nap during our final relaxation exercise so I think it was working. So that's where we're at: all systems a go.

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