Friday, January 11, 2013

Second Time Around: The Third Trimester- Part 1

Week 28- We get another look at Baby Brother on the ultrasound. Things look good and baby is estimated at a healthy 1.8 kilos.

Week 29- We decide to take a last minute trip to Chile! Crazy packing, lots of family time, taking things nice and slow. Annoyingly, I have a recurring bloody nose- oh pregnancy!

Week 30- Family time keeps me distracted from my ever-growing, very heavy stomach. Sciatica on and off as usual, we get home and it's back to reality.

Week 31- Belly officially resting on thighs. Also I think my thighs got bigger. The kiddo is sitting so low (up to the bone) that I can't really use a support belt without squishing him.

Week 32- Insomnia! Along with middle of the night bathroom breaks, I've acquired an inability to fall back asleep. Baby Brother looks good on the ultrasound and is still flipping around like crazy!

Week 33- Feeling heavy. Lots of nesting: organizing in the house, preparing for a new housekeeper and the changes of the next few weeks.

just about 33 weeks

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