Monday, January 7, 2013

One more look at 2012

Every year for the last few years, I have made myself a small list of goals/major life events that I will be going through. When I find myself restless, I take a look at the list and try to make progress on it. This year was probably one of my least successful in terms of actual completion of my 2012 list, but at least I can say that I made some progress.

2012 in Review:

1. Refresh my travel blog- PASS (BARELY)- I did do some refreshing of sidebars, and kept blogging a little more often, but overall it's been hard to keep motivated with it. I much prefer this space which is private (from people I know in real life) and is all mine.

2. Learn to play one song on the guitar- FAIL- I was planning on lessons or at the very least using an app to learn some basics but it never materialized. 

3. Cook Friday night dinner every week- PASS- For a while I was even keeping track of what I was cooking, but that fell to the wayside when I got pregnant. I did not manage every single week but definitely the vast majority. 

4. Host an event- PASS- I hosted a few small events but nothing big came up besides perhaps Little Boy's first birthday.

5. Make fondant from scratch- PASS (KIND OF)- I did try to make it, but it was a complete failure! A for effort?

6. Learn how to photograph on manual- FAIL- I made some progress with my photography skills, and I'm pretty much a pro at AV mode, but manual is still beyond my reaches unless I have lots and lots of time for trial and error. 

7. Finish my trip photo albums- FAIL- I did make a few little albums, but still haven't finished our big one!

8. Continue improving my Spanish- PASS- While I didn't make a concerted effort to make this happen, I think it has naturally improved over time because Little Boy requires that I interact with all sorts of people on a fairly regular basis. 

9. Devote time to crafting- FAIL- I made very very few things this year, mostly for holidays and birthdays, and nothing really for the house or for fun!

10. Read non-baby books (12)- FAIL- I did read some non-baby related books, but I still mostly read parenting and pregnancy related books! I blame getting pregnant again, and hopefully I will do better next year because I really did enjoy the leisure books I read this year!

Up next, goals for 2013!

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