Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Little More Family Fun

Before M returned to his full time hospital schedule, we spent a busy weekend enjoying the city and sunshine of these slightly chilly days. Our first activity was the zoo! This time we decided to try out the safari tour and it was a huge success! In addition to walking around, a safari truck took us to see the big animals up close and personal. Little N loved everything about the zoo experience: the people, the animals, the movement. There were some tears when we left. It occurs to me what a huge difference a few months makes at this age. The last time he went to the zoo was great, but this was a whole other level of awesome.

 entering the Safari section

 first look

 Zebra, with baby born earlier that same day!

Our second big activity was a carriage ride in the historic center! We decided to head downtown for the shear fact that there is ALWAYS something going on there during the weekends. Even though we didn't know what we would find, we knew it was a holiday, and somehow it always ends up being an adventure. This time was no different! We found an ice skating rink set up in one of the main plazas, and free Rosca de Reyes being handed out in front of the Cathedral! Of course the kiddo loved some cake, but then we decided to do something we've always wanted to do: take a carriage ride. After the big success from the day before, Little Boy loved riding behind a horse, and we actually found out about a couple little places in town we hadn't yet discovered. It was fun to be "hometown tourists"!


 taking in the carriage ride

Little N's preferred view

 like this

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