Monday, December 10, 2012

Preparing a Birth Plan: Reality Check

When I hit the third trimester, it was time to start seriously thinking about a birth plan. We had a serious discussion with my OBGYN about a VBAC and what he said was both positive and yet not reassuring. The positive was good: he would attend a VBAC and seeing as we want more children agreed it was a good idea to attempt one. The worrisome part was harder to hear: he does not have a lot of experience with them.

The explanation that followed made perfect sense with everything I know about the middle to upper classes of Mexico. Most of his patients desired minimal pain (an epidural as soon as possible) and prefer to go with a repeat cesarean rather than deal with the unknowns/pain of labor. They also tend for the most medicalized options so to speak and do not generally care for an informed labor, putting their faith fully in God and the doctor. Reality check indeed.

I was at an impasse and needed to form a plan: How do I realistically envision the birth? What do I need to set up or research beforehand? Should I stay with my doctor or change to a different one? What process will best enable my vision to become a reality?

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