Friday, December 28, 2012

One more trip: Chile!

On a Friday afternoon, when Little Boy was taking his nap, M came down to chat: if we use miles, we can go on a trip to Chile! The catch: we would be leaving in 36 hours! Not one to miss an opportunity for travel, I started working on our packing list, tidying up the house, and gathering our suitcases. Sunday at 2 a.m. we woke up to begin our trip.

We waited until the very last minute to wake up Little Boy, and hopped into the taxi with a bleary-eyed, pajama-ed, sleepsack-ed kiddo and a couple of suitcases. Not one to miss anything, that was the last of the sleeping for all of us until our arrival in Chile several hours (and one almost missed connection) later.

The trip ended up being more of a family visit than a baby moon, but we did manage a couple days at the beach, and a few excursions around Santiago. Little Boy had a wonderful time and loved being the center of attention (as the youngest of the cousins)! It was a great trip for all: for me a break from housework, for M a break from studying and for Little Boy a break from us!

cramped on the small plane to Panama

 meeting his great-grandmother!

 fun in Santiago, Andes mountains in the background

 bump picture at the beach (29 weeks)

 Little Boy + beach = love at first sight

 loves being forward facing, and newly loving the iPad 

on the roomy (half empty) flight back

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