Saturday, October 13, 2012

Mercado Abastos Guadalajara

Several weeks ago we made a trip to Guadalajara's Mercado Abastos. This is the main wholesale market where you can get just about anything. The market spans many streets and the bustle is overwhelming. The best deals are of course for those buying in bulk: 10 kilos of pomegranates anyone?* The market also has a smaller section for those buying in us. The deals are still fabulous.

Here's an example of one of our shopping trips:

Mangoes- 29 (6 kilos)
tomatoes- 29 (3 kilos)
carrots- 4.5 (1 kilo)
zuccini-11 (1 kilo)
chayote- 2.5 (.5 kilo)
avocados- 75 (3 kilos)
onions-7 (1 kilo)
peppers- 27 (1.2 kilos)
eggplant-10 (.5 kilo)
asparagus- 27 (.5 kilo)
watermelon-17 (1.5 kilos)
pineapple-17 (1.5 kilos)
grapes- 20 (.5 kilo)
grapefruit- 20 (2 kilos)
apples- 25 (1 kilo)
apricot-9 (.3 kilo)

Our grand total was 330 pesos, that's 25 dollars for a whole lot of produce that will last us at least a couple of weeks, because it is just that fresh!

Our loot

It's a bit of a trip for us to go on a regular basis, but we most definitely reap the rewards when we make the drive!

*We got one of those and ate lots and lots and lots of pomegranates for the better part of a month.

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