Monday, October 29, 2012

First Trip to the Zoo!

Our first trip to the zoo was a huge success! The place was huge and really nicely landscaped; there was lots to look at in all directions. Little Boy loved looking at the animals. The monkeys especially got up close and personal, much to M's chagrin. We didn't get a ton of pictures between taking the kiddo in and out of the stroller so that he could see, managing water and snacks, and trying to see as much as we could before lunch/nap time. We ended our visit with a train ride back to the park entrance and little family picnic. I'm glad we waited until Little Boy was a little older to go and we will most definitely be back!

With the flamingos

super interested

Checking out the lions


Friday, October 26, 2012

The Great Double Stroller Conundrum

The absolute first thing I started researching when we found out about Baby Boy 2 was double strollers. Let me preface the discussion with this: I use my stroller for at least an hour a day. We are lucky enough to live in a neighborhood where I can do most of my errands, lots of exercise and a huge variety of park visits within a short walking distance. This means that I don't really need to drive much other than for larger grocery trips, visiting friends that are a bit farther, or some of Baby Boy's classes. With that being said, my main criteria for a stroller:

1- Can easily go up curbs and handle bumpy Mexican sidewalks
2- Huge sunshade because it's sunny all year round
3- Can fit through doorways pretty easily

Additional features I would love:

4- Not too heavy (for lifting up staircases or into the car by myself)
5- Easy fold (because this has proven invaluable when Baby Boy couldn't yet stand)
6- Works for an infant (because I don't really want to deal with a car seat contraption)

With those features in mind, I started looking for a side by side stroller. This preference over a tandem has to do with no.1 going more easily up curbs, no.6 working for an infant, and just my general impression that it will be easier to use for two kiddos that are pretty close in age.

My finalists (they all work with a newborn, so here are the other 5 criteria broken down):

Baby Jogger City Mini Double GT
One handed fold!
Lighter at 32 lbs
Excellent sunshade
Also, we love our City Mini and there's something to be said for brand loyalty!
Smallest wheels at 8.5"
29.5" wide

Mountain Buggy Duet
Only 25" wide!
10" wheels should help with the bumps!
34 lbs!
Two handed fold
Sunshade just ok
It's a newer stroller and I feel like they haven't gotten the kinks out yet.

Bugaboo Indie Twin
Good sunshade
Seems really well made.
34 lbs!
Two handed fold
29" width
12" tires- can definitely handle bumps but might be too big for our city purposes?

We haven't made any decision yet, but hopefully we'll be able to check them out in person before we have to make our final decision!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Second Time Around: The Second Trimester- Part 1

Here's a run down of symptoms that have popped up in the second trimester. All of them are cumulative, for better and for worse.

Week 14- Can't lie on back. I was starting to feel shortness of breath in the first trimester and now I really can't lie flat on my back for more than a couple of minutes. With BB1, this didn't kick in until maybe the last month before delivery so this is kind of a bummer.

Week 15- Reflux started up. It's still not that bad but I need to cut out onions and a lot of citrus in order to be comfortable.

Week 16- Bad mood Fridays. Last time around, I commented that pregnancy just put me in a bad mood. This time I was able to note when it started. It generally hits worst in the evenings and weekends when I am tired and bored. Remedy: naps and staying busy.

Week 17- Almost daily naps. When Baby Boy goes down for his nap, I veg out on the couch and, more days than not, have myself a short little nap, long enough to rejuvenate me to finish out the day.

Week 18- First movements. Early in this week, or maybe the end of the last I started feeling my little swimmer in the late evenings before bed. Happy!

Week 19- Starting to get random strangers asking about the pregnancy, guess the bump is a-growing.

Week 20- I was a rebel and ate sushi! Yum! Also lots of round ligament pain. Oh, let's add soft-serve to the rebel list too.

Week 21- Lots of stomach stretching, reflux when I bend down, feeling more lazy. I still have energy but if feels more cumbersome to get tasks done. I know this just the beginning though!

22 Weeks

Monday, October 22, 2012

October 2012 Week 3

This week I decided to not worry about using my camera. The most important thing is that we are all healthy and that I am documenting little moments of our life. We only have a few short months left as a family of three and I want to be sure I'm not missing anything (especially since I still have the energy to enjoy it)! So with that said, here we go:

15- Accomplishment- We've been working on stacking blocks ever since we came home with a new Jenga set from the tianguis (market) last week. This was the first and only time the kiddo stacked 6 blocks. We think it was pretty much a fluke but we are still very proud of the munchkin!

16- Edible- This was our dinner: lentil and rice enchiladas. I find it a lot of work, but at least it makes a large dish that lasts us for a few meals. And it's yummy!

17- Shadow- This would be me a 21 weeks and change. I have been horrible about taking bump pics this time around, so another one of these will do.

18- Corner- This is the corner of our patio with our water bridge contraption. Little Boy loves playing out here and would stay for hours on end if we let him. Favorite accessories include: a baby wash bottle, a funnel, a cup and a sponge. His favorite, is when I leave the water running for him!

19- Noise- If you don't realize this is noise, you have obviously never heard wooden blocks being thrown into a metal tin. Over and over and over again.

20- Nature- We are outside a lot, but I am super proud of our little potted plants indoors because for the first time (ever pretty much), they are thriving under my care. All these flowers bloomed in the past week! The thing that help a lot, I think, is that we've decided to "go Montessori" and give the kiddo real tasks to help out around the house; one of them includes watering the plants.

21- Air- We went out for brunch this morning, and while we sat inside, I was thinking how pretty these lights would be with a bit of swinging from a gust of air.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Daily Life: September 2012

This month was busy busy with the holidays and we finally got into a normal routine.

M became captain of his soccer team.

Little N started going to gymnastics.

D started going to prenatal yoga.

We celebrated Mexico's Independence Day.

We celebrated the New Year.

We went to the flower market.

We built a sukkah for Sukkot.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Same Same but Different: Sukkot

Remember when we built a sukkah on our patio? And then added a few touch-ups? Well, we did it again this year for the third time. Except this year we had a little helper! He loved playing with the palms, was intent on destroying the decorations (or perhaps just re-purposing them), and was scared yet fascinated by the lights.

Trying really hard not to be short

Helping out with a little help for Papi...

And clapping for himself on a job well done

Enjoying the finished product

Luxury Baby Items

I use the term luxury to refer to items that I don't think are absolutely necessary in our case. They are not necessarily expensive or extremely high quality.
In no particular order:

The Snugabunny Swing- We didn't have a swing with BB1 but many nights I was a human swing. With two boys around an extra pair of "hands" might come in useful. In Mexico these cost an arm and a leg though, so unless I find a used one or we have room in our luggage to bring one back, this might not happen.

Glider- I didn't have one for BB1 and obviously I survived. During the day I have no problem sitting on the couch. At night though, I was not comfortable nursing in bed. Inevitable I would end up sitting at a desk chair which was less than ideal. Definitely something I need to consider.

ErbaOrganics Baby Body Wash- The smell of this is heavenly. The price, not so much. We got a sample size as a gift for BB1 and I dream about getting more. Thinking about it...

Baby Bjorn Babysitter Bouncer- I would love to do a minimal amount of moving around baby gear when I am home with both kiddos on my own. So while I absolutely love the Infant to Toddler rocker that we got for BB1, I would love this nifty addition, so that I could keep one on each floor.

Wabbanub pacifier- I don't know if BB2 will also have a strong suck reflex like his older brother, but apparently there is a genetic component. I would like to give pacifiers another go this time around and hopefully prevent having to wean two boys off their thumbs.

Pottery Barn hooded towel- Necessary? probably not. But I have heard great things about these, and the two towels we had for BB1 are not in the best shape, at least appearance wise. I actually doubt I will end up buying these.

Let's be honest, I do hope we have the funds/luggage space to buy most of these. But I'm not holding my breath.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Flower Market Guadalajara

Guadalajara has a fabulous flower market. There's a huge variety of flowers and greens, as well as tons of accessories to make arrangements: everything from foam to vases to ribbons. The market is open every single day, which makes it incredibly convenient, and of course the prices can't be beat!

Before Succot, we made a family trip to the market to gather some supplies. Since we went at the last possible minute, 4:30 p.m. on a Sunday (when they close at 5), we didn't have time for much browsing. Still, Little N made sure that we took him on a walk around the block to enjoy the excursion.

Outside our favorite shop

He got a straw! (used for the Gerbera Daisies to hold them up straight)

Yet another warehouse

Stopping to smell the flowers

You can also buy pre-made arrangements

To Visit: The flower market is located at Federalismo and Jesus Garcia. Shops open daily at 6 a.m.

Flowers and a Sukkah

A couple of weeks ago we made our yearly sukkah. Baby Boy came with us to the flower market and we picked out some palms for our roof. Of course the process was way too fast to be called an excursion, so we took a little walk around the block for good measure. Then we came home and the kiddo helped us build and decorate. He was both scared and fascinated by the lights. The rest of the week we enjoyed many meals outside and some fun family time.

Got a straw out
On our walk

Daddy's little helper

In the finished product

Monday, October 15, 2012

Trompo Magico Guadalajara

One of the most unexpected locations in Guadalajara is Trompo Magico, a wonderful children's museum. It is quite impressive in the number of different activities they have for children, from little babies to upper school aged kids and teens. The place is incredibly well maintained, with plenty of staff keeping things running smoothly and organized. It is already becoming a favorite of ours.

Here's a peak:

 So excited for the fountain! 

 Shopping at the market


 Collecting eggs on the farm

Playing doctor
The baby section
 Getting nice and tired!

To Visit: Trompo Magico, adults 40 pesos, children under 2 free

October 2012 Week 2

This week was one of the roughest we have had in such a long time. Baby Boy got a very high fever and what turned out to be a throat infection. To top it off, he also got another tooth, so it hurt him to chew and swallow. Less food= less energy= more whining= more being picked up by Mommy=more back aches for me. Things seem to be picking up, but we're still not completely out of the woods. So this week will be some more iPhone pics.

8- Close-up- Poor Baby Boy was so sick and feverish, he just wanted to be held all day.

9- Upside down- We went outside for a bit of fresh air but Baby Boy, as usual, wanted to get out of the stroller. He was too weak though to run around so he just stood there. As sad as this picture makes me (you can tell he lost some weight), I love that you can see that he is sucking his thumb through the shadow.

10- Favorites- Even when he's not feeling well, the kid has his priorities straight, and he absolutely loves Daddy's bug! The best is when he gets to "ride" in the passenger seat while Daddy parks the car.

11- From up high- Keeping with the same theme, the kid is obsessed!

12- Hands- Perhaps not the greatest picture, but kiddo still wasn't at 100 percent. Post bath he is usually much more animated than this lying still picture might imply.

13- Seat- The one good thing about spending lots of time at home, was lots of time on the potty. Obviously this was taken (late) when he was feeling better. Sometimes I think he just signs "potty" so that he can get a story read, but I've already learned to never ignore the sign, so we go with it.

14- Silhouette- In the end I love how this came out (with a little help from Instagram magic). I was aiming for a more classic side pose, but it just wasn't working out, so it's a good alternative.