Thursday, September 13, 2012

Blogiversary IV : us

Five years ago, we were just D & M. D studied religion and then Chinese, and wanted to see everything in person. M completed his pre-medical studies and had the summer off. We decided to go on a trip. We ate a lot of pasta and tuna saving up for it, we bought gear, left our jobs and ascended separate flights, meeting in Beijing.

The culture, it was pretty much a shock, but not one that we couldn't get used to. We stayed in hostels; we had to figure out how to hand wash our clothes and then dry them. We had a budget we revisited every couple week to make sure we were on track, and did so well that at the end we splurged on a fantastic beach house in Goa, India. We took some risks, walked through some scary waterfalls in Nepal, were scarred for life by the leeches on the trail, and appreciated some amazing food that kept us going through it all.

We returned to our daily life with some reverse culture shock: everything is expensive! too organized! not adventurous! But it was all for the best. We made friendships we still cherish, survived ourselves 24/hours a day for many, many days in a row and made the most amazing memories. We ended up with this little blog recording our adventures, bringing us into a new decade, and a new era.

Today we're married with a little boy and another on the way. We live in Mexico. We "travel" back into developed countries instead of the other way around. We're learning to do it slowly, more comfortably, and yet we're still on the road.






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