Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Israel: heading North

Our trip this summer involved a whole lot less hiking and a whole lot more visiting than our normal adventures. We only made it up north for a couple of days and other than a couple short walks didn't get to tour very much. Nevertheless, we had a great time visiting friends and family.

our rental car (diaper change time)

The first stop on our trip was Zichron Yaakov. We had just a bit of exploration time to peruse the main street area, starting with the grassy visitor's center.

We continued our drive north up to Kfar Vradim and enjoyed the amazing view from the balcony of our hosts. Little N had his very first piano lesson and got to enjoy some mountain scenery, quite different from what he's used to.

On our way back south the following day, we stopped in Kiryat Tivon to visit some more friends and family and then it was time to head back to our home base.

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