Thursday, August 16, 2012

Israel: flight and arrival

By the title of this post you already know that this summer we went to Israel!

On our flight on the way there, we had a short flight in first class. Heaven. The other passengers were skeptical of course, but they had nothing to worry about. The extra space meant that Little N could stand on the floor in front of us and was amazing! The seat was also large enough that he could situate himself for a short nap.

happy in first

This also meant that we had club access during our layover. We took the opportunity to wash Little N in the showers and dress him in pajamas in anticipation of the night flight. It made everything so much more manageable. The 11 hour flight ahead of us could have been a nightmare, but it wasn't! The kiddo slept 7 hours, laying across both of our laps and so keeping him entertained for the remaining time was not bad at all. We arrived tired but ready to go!


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