Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mexico City: Teotihuacan (and Condesa)

Having been in the city for the better part of a week, we were more than ready to visit the site that was our primary reason for coming: climbing the pyramids of Teotihuacan. We had been schooled in the Anthropology museum about the religious importance of the place "where the gods were born" and so proceeded to make our way through the site.

ready to go

We started at the Ciudadela, market place, then walked down the Avenue of the Dead to the Pyramid of the Sun. Luckily we got there just before most of the crowds, and our wait time to ascend to the top was relatively short. We kept going down the Avenue to the Pyramid of the Moon, and then made our way back to the entrance. Climbing the pyramids was a bit trying, as the size of the steps (tall and narrow) make it a bit awkward, but overall, other than the scorching heat, it was a great experience.

Avenue of the Dead

Pyramid of the Sun

with Pyramid of the Moon (view from Pyramid of the Sun); on small pyramid

with Pyramid of the Moon

still have to trek back...(view from Pyramid of the Moon)

At the end of the visit, we cooled off in the restaurant and then drove back to town. We had two more tasks: buying flowers (on Good Friday, when almost everything is closed), and eating carbohydrates before Passover began later that night. We were able to take care of both by checking out the neighborhood of Condesa. We had excellent pasta at a nice restaurant, soaked in the trendy atmosphere, found flowers, and retired to rest before the evening Seder.

cooling off

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