Friday, May 11, 2012

Mexico City: Easter and the Alameda Central Museums

Our final full day in Mexico City, we again stayed near the Centro. As it was Passover, we opted to go back to the Indian restaurant, for another excellent bread-less meal. After getting re-adjusted (read: making up sleep) from the previous late night, we were ready to go. This time we headed towards the Alameda Central, a public park we visited last time, that was totally closed under construction. The park wasn't actually our destination but rather, we wanted to check out the area and a couple more museums. Before we could get very far, our walk was intercepted by a huge Easter parade heading towards the Zocalo.

We ended up having to take quite the trek around the closed park in order to get to the Museo Mural Diego Rivera, housing a huge mural (and a few other pieces).

our guide

We were thoroughly impressed, and since it was still early enough, decided to check out the Museo de Arte Popular. This one was quite amazing- full of handicrafts and folkloric themed pieces from all over Mexico.

We made one more stop, taking the elevator in the Sears building to see the Palacio de Bellas Artes from above (again, we had been inside last time). We then spent way too long searching for a place to dine in the overwhelming, never-ending crowds. It was time to retire, pack our things and get ready for the long drive back.

Contrary to the drive down, this time we left early and made excellent time. Little N was mostly cooperative, the drive was pretty uneventful, and we were happy to get back to "small town" Guadalajara.

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