Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mexico City: Anthropology Museum, Chapultepec Park and Zona Rosa

Our second full day in the city, we were sick of driving (and knew that parking was a problem) and so decided to venture out on the metro. This was Little N's very first time on the subway and he was a little overwhelmed by all the people, but was definitely a good sport about it. On the way to the metro (a few blocks away), we were hit by hunger and ended up eating at the only non-fast food spot around- Los Bisquets*.

On the way to the metro; please stop playing!

first time on the metro

Once we got to metro Auditorio, we walked down Reforma Blvd, to the Anthropology Museum. The museum is massive, so we decided to devote our time to the exhibits about Teotihuacan (which we would visit later in the week), the Aztecs, and the Maya. Little N was again a great sport, and kept us moving along at a nice pace.

Anthropology Museum, main courtyard

By the time we were heading out to the museum, it was time for lunch. Other than snack stands, the closest place to get food was the zoo in Chapultepec Park. So we headed into the madness of the park, and D and Little N ended up waiting for M to get a (free**) pizza from inside the zoo.

The lake in Chapultepec Park

Don't lose your kid! - Snacks



Re-energized we decided to continue making our way down Reforma. It was too late in the day to visit the Castle, and we were too tired to enter another museum, but we did enjoy the recycled water bottle statues along the pedestrian pathway. And just as we were about to head back to the metro, we happened upon a Coffee Bean cafe. In Guadalajara we feel a little deprived of some major chains, and so we decided the find warranted a stop.


*Funny enough, last time we were in D.F. (Distrito Federal, i.e. Mexico City), the same exact thing happened!

**Free because it took over 30 minutes, thank you Dominos.

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