Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mexico City: the Drive

The drive from Guadalajara to Mexico City is 6 hours on a pretty decent highway. Complicating the matter, was that we could not leave until mid-day, and had to make a 1 hour stop downtown before leaving town. All in all the drive down wasn't that bad. But, Little N took a nap in the morning before we left the house, and another one during that one hour stop, meaning that most of the drive he was awake.

on the road

toll plaza; it's not a cheap drive but the toll roads are worth every cent

When we did make stops, there was no shade to be found, and we didn't find any Pemex (gas stations) with a little rest area like last time. So the kiddo wanted to explore, we wanted to feed him and get going, and the situation didn't allow either of us to get what we wanted.

rest stop after a long stretch

happy to be out of the car seat

During our drive, we were stopped by a federal police, trying to "get" us on something, but all our paperwork was in order and he was pretty annoyed about that! The last hour and a half there was a lot of crying going on as the kiddo wanted out, while we were trying to maneuver into the city before dark.

not happy anymore

when you reach the forests of Toluca, you're almost there

traffic bad enough that there are vendors in the middle of the highway

We made it, of course, to our rental apartment and there were lots of adventures including more policemen and more traffic but also sightseeing and fun to come!

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