Friday, March 16, 2012

San Miguel de Allende - Part 3

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We began our last day in San Miguel with a wonderful breakfast. All in all, the culinary scene in San Miguel is nothing special. Just about every place is ok and adequate for gringo standards, but we didn't hear of anything that was extraordinary. So we were pleasantly surprised to happen upon some great food.

at breakfast

Full of energy, we devoted a little time to shopping for handicrafts. We checked out a few of the more refined shops and then headed to the Mercado Artisanal. True to it's name, there were lots of options. After surveying our options and making a few purchases, it was time to pack up our things and start heading out of town.

Our last stop in San Miguel proper was at the Instituto Allende, a fine arts school. We took a look around the adorned building and admired the view of the downtown from it's outdoor balcony. And we started clunking down the road for our final destination of the day.

inside the Instituto Allende

one last view back towards town

Just outside of town is the fabulous Jardin Botánico El Charco. It is actually a pretty big park with walking trails around a small lake and canyon, areas with endangered plants of Mexico, and a cute little restaurant. We could have spent several hours exploring the different cacti and viewpoints, but alas we needed to have a quick (and delicious) lunch and head back to Guadalajara.

El Charco

meditation corner

back from our walk in the heat

lunch and time to go home

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