Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Our Play Room

My former office
turned office/guest room
turned guest room/ baby nap room

is on its way to becoming a play room.

And here it is:
The little bug mobile is still where it was, and Baby Boy loves trying to grab the bugs as we walk by it. The bed covers are just 3 yards of fabric with a simple hem. We put a bunch of pillows on them to make it lounge like, and sometimes we take a family nap time there.

Looking to the right: we cleared out my office binders from the bookcase to make room for baby boos, a bin of plastic toys, and above it a bin of bibs/burp rags (since Baby Boy does all his eating downstairs this made more sense). The woven basket houses all of the soft toys (and it is most definitely full).

Another look to the left (before I added a couple more floor foam tiles). You can see pillows, the clear beach ball that Baby Boy loves to play with and a bunch of blankets on the end.

Thus far we love the new play area and spend most of our daytime hours when we're home over here. It made a nice transition and is a much better use of the space than sitting and waiting for the guests that come here for just a few weeks a year. Thankfully our living room, has returned to its former, adult glory and I love going in and enjoying a little lounging in the evenings.

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