Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bosque Colomos

Bosque Colomos in one of the largest parks in Guadalajara, and a key area for recreation. On a typical morning you will find runners (early morning), moms with strollers (mid-morning), and teenagers (afternoon), walking and running around the paved trails (3k & 5k). Later in the afternoon and evening, the playground area and basketball courts get some attention, and children have art classes in the "castle". On weekends, the duck pond sees families and the horses get ridden.

It is a huge forest-like park with trails criss-crossing in every direction. One of the gems in the park is the Japanese garden. It is a consistently maintained and manicured little garden for walking around. Of course in typical Mexican style, you are not supposed to sit on the grass anywhere in the park; grass is for looking at.

To Visit
: Entrance is 4.5 pesos per adult, parking also 4.5 pesos; free on Sundays. There are three entrances: Patria (for playground, basketball courts), Camacho (for duck pond, Japanese garden), and Torreon.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Daily Life: January 2012

Daily Life: As a response to the request for more frequent blog posts when we are not on the road, we have decided to start a new feature highlighting some of the non-travel related things going on in our life.

January 2012:

We celebrated the New Year.

M started hospital rotations at Hospital Angel Leano.

We celebrated D's birthday.

D and Little N started going to Yoga Mama Bebe.

We went to the Intermoda Expo at the Guadalajara Expo Center.

Our water tanks were replaced.

We visited the UAG botanical gardens.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lake Chapala

Last weekend we took a day trip to Lake Chapala. The lake is a quick 45 minutes outside the city (Guadalajara) and serves as a winter residence for many American and Canadian expats, mostly retirees. We started off with a quick walk on the main boardwalk in the town of Chapala.

Then we continued on to Ajijic- hub of the retirees. We were set on exploring the cobble-stoned town but there wasn't much to see, and so we had a quick lunch. "Finish?" the waiter asked, and we were off.

Our last stop was in Jocotepec on the Western edge of the lake. There's a lovely park with picnic areas, swings and a nice boardwalk on the lake. Little N loved the outing, and it was a good day out of town.