Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Low-key New Year's Love

The world is mostly divided into two types: those that love New Year's Eve and those that do not. I have generally fallen into the latter category, not purposefully, but it has worked out that I never have plans that work out. I go out and it's a bust, I don't go out- also a bust.

So this year I had zero - none- zilch expectations. It was fabulous! We put Baby Boy down as usual, and then M and I proceeded to make appetizers for dinner as we sipped on a much-better-than-expected cava. When everything was set, we vegged out on the couch and put in a Gossip Girl* marathon. Five minutes before midnight, we switched to CNN, watched the ball drop in Times Square and promptly fell asleep.

yummy appetizers & cava in margarita glasses

On New Year's Day, we headed to the park, and spent some quality family time together. I can not think of how it could have been better.

*Gossip Girl is our "thing" since we started watching it when we were living over-seas and there was only one channel in English and we just watched whatever was "on".

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