Monday, January 16, 2012

Flashback: Flying with a 3 month old

In September D took a flight with Baby N. This is the detailed play by play, and a few thoughts.

It was one of those tiny planes that was incredibly loud, tiny and uncomfortable. A guy helped me carry my backpack on the tarmac and up to the plane. We had a free seat next to us (lucky!), and across the way sat a big-boned man that couldn't close his seatbelt, but the flight attendant didn't notice so whatevs. Baby Boy N woke up as we were ascending, so I fed him. I changed him on the seat next to me and he was so so happy. I think he was excited to look around. After a while he fussed a little, a bit of gurge (=regurgitated milk) on my shirt (of course). Then we did a bit of pacing up and down the aisle in the Moby wrap carrier, and finally I just sat down because he did not want to sleep. With a bit of rocking though he finally did fall asleep and didn't wake up until we landed.

The man from across the aisle helped me carry my bag all the way to border control, which was really far, so kudos to him. The border control guy proceeded to tell me that my carrier was really bad (thanks!*). Another guy got my suitcases on the cart for me and we were out of there.

  • People are generally very nice and helpful when they see a mom with tiny baby; enjoy and take advantage of the help.
  • A 3 month old needs to be held all the time; a carrier was very helpful in getting around the airport, through security, etc.
  • To help with ear pressure, feed the baby at take off and landing.
  • If you can, having another adult with you makes the trip a lot easier. For example, if you want to go to the restroom, or grab something from the diaper bag, another person holding the baby makes this much easier on a cramped airplane. (We did on the way back and it was much more bearable).
  • On small airplanes only certain rows have extra oxygen masks (for your infant), find out ahead of time to assure a better seat assignment.
  • Keep your carry-on a small as possible; most airlines allow a diaper bag in addition to your carry-on, but two bags with an infant can be a bit difficult to manage.

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