Monday, January 9, 2012

All About the Boy

I'm going to wrap up WEverb11 all in one go.

Our money this year went to this guy (and school tuition):

When Baby Boy arrived we had meals dropped off by friends. Some of whom are pregnant and we will definitely be returning the favor.

Hopefully, this summer I will finally be able to meet with some of my very best friends: two of which have already had baby girls that I have yet to meet, and one more with a baby boy on the way. I would love nothing more than brunch with the babies.

2011 was a year of ups and downs, but mostly ups. And thanks to Baby Boy the highs were higher than I've ever experienced. If this is the joy of parenthood, then I want more. (Now to figure out a way to have more kids without having to be pregnant...hmm...).

2013 seems like a long way off, but if the past two years are any indication, I know that 2012 will fly by. I'm in such a happy, comfortable place now, that I can only wish for myself to feel the same way one year from now, whatever the circumstances might be.

#WEverb11 no.27, no.28, no.29, no.30, no.31.

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