Friday, July 29, 2011

One Month

Baby Boy,

From the very first moment, you loved to sleep on the boob.You also like to sleep on your arm. Sometimes you make these funny squeaks while you sleep.

When you're on your own, your hands are always by your face. You discovered your fingers and love to suck on them. You've become super alert and observant, and your eyes will follow a moving object. Somewhere in there are inklings of a smile, and we can't wait for it.

You love being snug and warm, and love your bath as long as it's hot enough. You're not a fan of diaper changes, but you poop a lot, so we have no choice. :)

When you grab on to us, you look like a monkey; when you're hungry you peck like a little birdie; and when you're trying to get up, you pull your neck out like a turtle.

You have fabulous neck control moving side to side, and your arms and legs are super strong so that your pushes and kicks are not so easy to manage. If we give you something to push off of, you will crawl across the bed.

You cry only if we put you down, if you're really starving, or if you're cold (diaper changes, clothing removal, taking out of bathtub). And sometimes your arms startle you with a lift and shake.

Your mommy has discovered a new level of patience she's never had to exercise. Your daddy has become a super- student-organizer- household manager extraordinaire. We love you more than the world, more than our hearts can manage.

Happy One Month Birthday!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Zero Sum

While I was pregnant, I wrote about my fear of the potential drama involving family visitors after the birth of Baby Boy. In retrospect I was right to worry.

In conclusion I would say that having family here was a zero sum game. One grandma arrived the morning after we got home from the hospital, completely disregarding my wishes to have a couple days "just the 3 of us". Two more grandparents arrived after a few days, and the last grandpa a couple days after them. So Baby N's second week home had 4 grandparents in attendance.

The good was that they cooked; I was forced out of the house to do a little entertaining; and it made them happy.

The bad was that I didn't have the time or energy to sit for meals with everyone; I was forced out of the house to do a little entertaining; and I just didn't get a lot of "help".

The only person that really attended to me was M, and that was tough since I couldn't do much for myself while recovering from surgery. He was also doing our laundry, cleaning, organizing activities, and oh yeah, going back to school. I, on the other hand, was feeding, feeding, changing, feeding and feeding, while juggling a little entertaining.

And that was tough, because with 4 people in our living room I was jailed to our bedroom for feedings and about 20 hours a day. So as much as it was good to drop off Baby Boy for an hour here and there to be held by someone else, I am really really happy to be able to feed naked in front of the tv, spend some free time blogging and not have to expend energy on chatting when all I want to do is sleep. All in all, it was a wash.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hediondo= Stinker

On Baby Boy's one month birthday he decided to be a major stinker.

3 poop explosions that dirtied the diaper cover.

1 poop explosion that dirtied the diaper cover and his pants.

1 pee that went from diaper to cover to his clothes to his Mama's pants, to his Mama's girdle, to his Mama's underwear. Yes, that's 6 layers if you're counting. Yes, it made it to my underwear, no joke.

But not to be outdone:

1 pee that went from diaper to cover to his clothes, to Mama's pants, to the duvet, to the sheet on the bed, to the mattress cover!

And that's how you go through 6 diaper covers, 4 sets of clothes, and 2 sheets in one day! Needless to say, we ended up celebrating his birthday with a laundry extravaganza.

*To make sure we didn't think he peaked at 1 month, on 1 month + 1 day Baby Boy hit a new milestone: poop in the tub.

Monday, July 25, 2011


=Roughly translated as "spoiled" but in a kinder loving manner. As in: "he's so spoiled it's cute". As in: loves attention and cuddling.

Baby Boy LOVES to be held and HATES to be on his own. As long as he is on one of his parents he's the calmest baby you ever met: he will sleep, snuggle, observe his surroundings, and generally let you do anything you want. But put him down and 10 minutes later you have a little monster on your hands, albeit instantly calmed as soon as you pick him back up.

And so, I have become a kangaroo. This is how I look many hours of the day.

The rest of the hours he's held in my arms, maybe feeding but most likely sleeping with a human pacifier. Or I am lying down, with Baby on chest. Apparently, boobs make a pretty good pillow.

But still, we can't get enough. And so it is.

How amazing is it that just a few weeks into life, our little baby is already revealing some personality?

Friday, July 22, 2011

His First Party

On his 8th day in the world Baby Boy had his first party.

There was food and cake. There were people and gifts. There was a drugged baby, a little crying (mostly by Mom) and Baby Boy got his name. It was a right of passage and we were all glad when it was over.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Daddy's Boy

M has a new best buddy. And he's definitely going to be a daddy's boy.

The change I have seen in my husband is beyond words. The most loving man I know has somehow managed to become kinder, softer, more considerate and more loving than ever before.

It was instantaneous: the fear of hurting our fragile package, the endless gaze at this miracle that we made, the awe and desire to care for, provide for, and do anything for the little guy.

The hopes and dreams for the little man are a part of every chat they have. They are already in cahoots: the two of them against the world.

We've become a true nuclear family. We've endured hours of crying, laughing, frustration and joy. We've become one complete and intimate unit.

Our little man has had quite the effect, and all of us are reaping the benefits.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Be Prepared

OR: Why you should have baby stuff prepared beforehand

There's a reason it's a girl scout motto.

When at 36 weeks you think "maybe I should get that car seat installed"- do it! Otherwise it will be in the trunk as you drive home from the hospital with baby in hand. And you might find yourself scurrying to get it in the car 1 hour before your first pediatrician appointment, at which point simple directions take a long time to decipher because you are sleep deprived and your 5 day old was crying all night.

When you sketch out a solution for where to put the baby, because you decided you don't want a nursery- move that furniture! Other wise you might find yourself coming home to an un-built crib and no where to put down the baby until your friend comes over to help you move furniture.

When you think about cleaning for the visitors that will inevitable descend upon you- clean! And then don't let it get re-cluttered because you might find yourself scurrying out of the house with a dirty bathroom of amniotic fluid and a living room in disarray since you took out stuff to "organize". Then the morning after you come home from the hospital, you will find yourself mopping before running to the airport to pick up said visitors.

When the doctor says "it looks like he's going to be pretty small"- go buy newborn clothes! Otherwise, you might find yourself going to Walmart to get some jammies within hours of coming home from the hospital, because 0-3 is just too big.

And by the way, getting phone numbers of cleaning ladies is not enough, because trying to "train" a new employee with a 2 week old around is hard! And knowing where to get a diaper sprayer (aka bidet) is not the same as buying and installing one! And anything else you are thinking of doing- do it now, because later it will take much much longer to get done. And if you're reading this you can't say you haven't been warned.

Friday, July 15, 2011

C-Section Recovery

From all the reading I did the last few weeks on cesareans, somehow some major side-effects were never mentioned...

Sweating- this might be a general post-delivery thing, but nevertheless, I have never been so sweaty in my life. Combine that with keeping our windows closed so that Baby Boy would stay warm, and I was feeling pretty stinky that first week.

Thirst- I'm pretty sure this has to do with the above + breastfeeding. I pretty much drank like a camel during the first week, and I'm still refilling my water bottle on a regular basis about every other hour.

Abdominal Muscle Awareness- You don't realize how much you use your core until it has been cut up and causes major pain: sitting up, getting out of bed, sneezing, laughing- all were majorly painful for two weeks.

Girdle Love- At a normal 5' 3" and 110 pounds, you don't ever think about wearing a girdle, until your flabby stomach is pressing on your scar. And then you love it, and don't want to take it off, ever. And cringe when you have to in order to wash because it's soaked with milk and starting to itch.

Leg Pain- The most unexpected of all. It hit at about the one week mark and lasted for another. Apparently it's pretty normal and has to do with the blood vessels contracting, but it was excruciating and even compression tights didn't do a whole lot to alleviate the pain. The only thing that helped was lying down, which is a difficult position to stay in all day with a newborn.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Coming Home

The hospital stay was an unpleasant hotel experience. The hospital is run very much like a hotel- you choose a package (ours was the 3 day/2 night complete, whatever that means). So a nutritionist came to take my room service (meal) orders, later delivered by a bell boy; a "chambermaid" came to change the sheets every day, not just mine but M's sofabed sheets; and the registrar decorated our door and left a welcome gift basket.

But other than that, it was unpleasant. Nurses came in every hour or two to check up on me, refresh the IV and so on. In between we got to spend some time with Baby Boy, although it was tough being restricted by tubing and not feeling the lower half of my body for that first day. Finally on day 2 I was "disconnected" and was able to shower and felt a like a new person!

On day 3, M had his last final exam from last semester in the morning. Before he left, Baby Boy got his final hospital bath, and by the time he got back we were getting ready to be discharged. I was wheeled out in a wheelchair to pick up Baby Boy from the nursery and we were escorted by security to the parking lot. I rode Mexican style in the backseat holding our baby while M drove like an old lady to get us home safely.

We arrived to a house in complete disarray. Some of our essentials were definitely not ready- like the crib that wasn't fully assembled, and the lack of anywhere to put down Baby Boy. Planning FAIL. Luckily one of M's friends came over and helped him move one of our twin guest beds into our bedroom, to make an extra large family bed (this was a our c-section plan, because getting up to reach into a crib was beyond my ability at this point).

Did I mention it was our anniversary? By the time we got organized, it was late at night. M had gotten a wedding cake made for me, since we didn't have a real cake at our wedding, and it was super sweet! We had a quick gift exchange, while eating cake for dinner, watching one of the blockbuster movies we had rented the day I went into labor, and feeding/changing Baby Boy. It was a crazy amazing day!

Monday, July 11, 2011

The longest bestest day of the year

For some reason I had been particularly uncomfortable sitting on soft chairs all day, and sat at the dining table. What started with a trickle, made me jump to my feet and scurry to the bathroom, just in time for the really gushing to begin. "M, I think my water broke". Que freak out- and not mine either, M started to scurry like no other. I calmly went upstairs, changed my pants to a skirt, retouched my make-up, put a few more things in my mostly packed bag, and was actually asking M if I had time to shower. M meanwhile was on the phone with the doctor, running around collecting things, and apparently we were supposed to go to the emergency room.

We drove to the hospital and were greeted by a wheelchair. I was wheeled into revision where the pressure I had been feeling for the last several hours became quite clearly contractions- 30 seconds long, 3 minutes apart. I was monitored and so was Baby Boy; so far so good. While I was in "revision" M had to go take care of the parking, and start filling out the paper work. I was left mostly alone, but was still allowed to get up to use the restroom by myself. Finally I was wheeled into a delivery room, and the contractions kept getting increasingly stronger. I was also sweating like crazy and dying of thirst. I was offered a remote, but didn't have the energy to find something to watch. The first nurse in charge was more interested in watching TV, even though it was on mute. Luckily, she was replaced by a shift change and I had someone by my side, as M was still running around getting everything sorted. I'm not sure how long the contractions were, but my pain level was definitely a 8 or 9. I couldn't talk anymore, and barely had enough time to recover from one before the next one hit.

Finally my doctor arrived, but after a few minutes of observing the monitors he determined that Baby Boy's heart rate was dropping too fast. Every contraction was putting our son under distress and I was only 1 cm dilated- 1!!! So we were off to surgery. The next 10 minutes were probably the worst- I was dizzily wheeled through the hallways while in pretty excruciating pain from the contractions. Then I was proded and poked to get the IV and epidural in place, still cringing and sweating, while simultaneously freezing and shivering. It was surreal. I can't sufficiently express what a relief it was when M was finally allowed in the room. M, the doctor and his assistant came in with loads of positivity, they put some music on, and slowly I stopped crying.

Then it was literally 10 minutes and we met Baby Boy! They put him on my chest and it was instant happiness and amazement. It was another hour or so for them to finish up in surgery, but between the time with our Babe, watching them take his measurements and clean him up, everything passed super quickly. I was wheeled into my room and then it was a waiting game. Hospital procedure had him put in an incubator for 4 hours and fed some glucose (more on that coming up). The wait was tough and it was the middle of the night, but finally we were reunited, and spent our first night together- me glued to the bed, M on the sofabed in the room, and Baby Boy in his plastic bassinet.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Our Considerate Munchkin

Thursday- I had set a deadline to be ready with everything before our next appointment, in case the doctor wanted to deliver that same day, by induction or otherwise. But our little angel knew that we really needed a little more coupledom. So he grew, and the doctor gave us an extension until the following Tuesday (39 weeks by his count, 38 by mine).

Friday/Saturday/Sunday- M is studying for one more test he has the following week. We go to Walmart and stock up the pantry. I talk to a lot of my good friends by phone/email/skype. Everyone is ready, and I'm finally feeling calm. We finally check out the JCC pool. We use our grill for the first time. I craft. Instead of being ready to be finished with the pregnancy, I am ready to meet Baby Boy.

Monday- I do some baking, some laundry, pay some bills. I'm ready but also tired, too tired to really take advantage of our last days of two-dom.

Tuesday- We go to the doctor; he's a bit concerned. My amniotic fluid is low; if Baby doesn't come soon he's going to be forced out. Still we walk out of the office and continue as we have been. We go to Blockbuster and rent not 1 but 2 movies; gotta take advantage of 1 dollar rentals. I look at my to-do list and decide maybe I should pack my hospital bag; so I leisurely pack over the next several hours, while finishing up M's anniversary gift.

It's a big week for us: Tomorrow, Wednesday, M turns 30! Yup 30! and the following day is our 1 year anniversary. Luckily the second gift and card are ready. And since M got his 30th Bday gift early- the VW bug we're using as a second car- all I have left is his card. So I sit down at the dining table, and start sketching out the card when I feel a trickle...

Baby Boy will be coming on his own day. No sharing birthdays or anniversaries. 2 days before M has to take his final test. Only a couple days into semester break. He's a considerate fellow and he's not even here yet.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Baby Boy Nono*

Here's our angel in his crib the night we came home:

*We'll be sticking to nicknames on the blog, just in case.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy US Independence Day! *

A Happy 4th of July to all our readers!

Hopefully you're BBQing like nobody's business, dippin' in the pool, or enthralled by some crazy fireworks!

We're going to take this opportunity to announce our temporary hiatus from blogging for a few weeks. We'll still be posting once in a while, and before you know it, we'll be back with triple the fun!

*Our travels and long term living situations have taken us so many places, that we now feel the need to point out, who's celebrating. craaaaazy...

Saturday, July 2, 2011

He's Here!

And the FB status was:

this week: 30 years ago M was born, 1 year ago we got married, and 4 days ago we got the best gift- a baby boy

Somehow having a baby makes you totally loose track of time...Baby Boy N is 11 days old already- unbelievable!

Now that I'm getting a grasp on things, I will be back shortly with lots of blog posts. For now I'll leave you with the last bump picture, at 39 weeks, taken after my water broke: