Friday, May 13, 2011

New York City Fun

The following day was the epitome of a fun New York day, with lots of walking, eating, meeting and greeting. We started off with a walk down a closed Fifth Avenue, taking in the sun and an assortment of Easter hats.

[Caption: Rude Israeli Man Crossing Street. Explanation: Man says to wife: "Here, take the [water] bottle, ok"? She replies "no, I don't want it", so he says: "Ok I'm going to throw it away". She says: "Alright, give me the water". Man turns to friend: "See, I know how to manipulate her".]

Easter Hats

After a short cupcake stop by Grand Central, we headed down to Chelsea Market to meet up with a couple of friends. A milkshake and walk on the High Line later, we met up with some cousins to continue our walk down the West River Boardwalk.

As it started to drizzle we stopped for a drink and joined up with some other friends to continue into Soho. One more family dinner and we were full, contented and totally pooped. But even our tired feet could not resist a short photo shoot on the steps of a deserted Met. The best kind of day.

The Met at Midnight:

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