Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Our day in Brooklyn was a rainy affair. Nevertheless we managed to get quite the tour of hipster Williamsburg. We started around Graham Av with a small brunch. Unfortunately the short walk to the brunch place left D's shoes soaking wet, and so we ventured down Grand St to look for some temporary boots. A few shops later, and with some dollar store socks, we could continue our tour.

By this time though we had been walking for quite a bit, so it was time for a tea stop. Despite the leaking pots, the tea was tasty and we were ready to continue on.

We continued our tour towards Bedford Ave, the "downtown" of Williamsburg, and most definitely hipster central. The rain had let up and we could trudge through McCarren Park back towards our starting point.

That evening, we hit up a great Italian restaurant. As we're picking at our appetizers this conversations ensues.
M, hinting at the table beside us: "Isn't that Bloomberg over there?"
D: "No it's just some old Jewish guy that kind of looks like him"
Friend S: "Hey that's Bloomberg over there!"
M: "That's what I said".
And indeed it was. Our rainy night ended over in the Lower East Side with good company and good times before we had to make our way back uptown.

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