Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Wives Club Baby Shower

The Wives Club had a little baby shower for me and it was pretty nice overall. Verenice hosted at her house, and Fran brought some decorations to make it festive. We had some salad and chips for lunch, and some of our usual conversation. Then it was time for presents and everything was really sweet. Some of the girls made home-sewn gifts, which are awesome because I would never have those things otherwise and I'm a total sucker for the one-of-a-kind stuff. I also got some baby toiletries, and breastfeeding supplies and clothes, so definitely everything will be very useful. The only thing that was missing were some games, but Yari made a delicious cake, and all I can say to that is Yum! So it was definitely a good time and we brought home a scrumptious mango as a favor mmm...

Monday, May 30, 2011


For a few weeks, we've felt like it had been a while since we left the city life, and a relaxing beach weekend was in order. Having already been to most of the beaches on the Costalegre, we decided to start trying out the beaches north of Puerto Vallarta, in Nayarit state. Luckily, we had just received a great recommendation from some new friends, and decided to head to Chacala. We were pleasantly surprised to arrive within 3 hours, and with the 1 hour time difference our first day started out much earlier than planned!


We didn't waste any time putting up our umbrella, laying out a sheet and lounging around with books and beer. Anxious to explore, we went for a short walk to see the dock, and check out the "town". It was a great start to our weekend.

Body Heat

For the first 6 months of this pregnancy, I honestly enjoyed having a body temperature several degrees warmer than usual. During our mild "winter" I wasn't really cold. In the breezy mornings and evenings of spring, I didn't need to worry about bringing a sweater. When entering stores with lots of AC I didn't feel uncomfortable. And so overall, it was kind of nice not being cold.

The month of May, however, is most definitely the hottest month in Guadalajara and it has been a doozy! I'm hot all day. If I take a nap in the afternoon on the couch I practically overheat and end up sweaty and awake. I don't like doing laundry after 1 pm because it's so hot on the third floor that once I come down I'm stinky. I'm a fan and decaf cold coffee addict, whereas last year at this time, I didn't even bring a fan downstairs. And the worst part- instead of me stealing M's body heat, he has to stay away from mine. :(

Friday, May 27, 2011

Heading Home with your Newborn

I finished this book quite a while ago, but I think that it was a great introduction to the world of baby. It had a little bit about everything: feeding, diapering, playing, bathing, etc. Mostly it reinforced a lot of what I would intuitively do/think, which is nice because the book is endorsed by the American Pediatric Association. Being that it's written by doctors who are also moms, there's lots of advice on what's "normal" and what is a cause for concern. So even though I definitely don't remember all the little tidbits (and there were a few chapters that were pretty useless), I think it's a great reference to have around the house to look at before the google monster makes you crazy.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Baby Brain

M said I need to post about this, and he's probably right. Since becoming pregnant I have become a complete airhead. I've become clumsy, forgetful and an all around ditz and it's starting to get old. Up until now the biggest consequence of baby brain was forgetting the baking powder in a cinnamon cake that I planned to bring over to a dinner party. Luckily it was early enough that I had time to make a replacement, but that's pretty bad.

I may have topped it though on a recent trip to Walmart. We were leaving the store, and M reminds me to get out change to tip the bag girl. There were a bunch of bag kids on break, that we were passing, one of them a girl which I had just seen joining the boys. So I assumed this was the girl who bagged up our things and gave her the tip. M turns around "what are you doing?". Turns out our bag girl was still by the register we had payed at, and I never even thought to turn around and look...oy the baby brain.

Photo update

Our posts from March have been updated with new pictures! See them here:

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Baby Expo

Guadalajara has a large and active expo center that brings in lots of events to town. We've been to both a book expo and special events attire exposition and both were huge impressive affairs. So when we heard that a baby expo was coming to town, we were both interested to see what it was all about.
Let me just say up front, it was pretty much a bust. Mostly we were disappointed by the size; the expo was just too small, with not enough vendors showcasing goods. We still have some things to purchase, but although prices were discounted compared to department stores here, they were still 50% more than in the US.
So what did we end up with? Two new fabric grocery bags, several cream samples, and one lead on a crib.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

32 Weeks

Getting bigger all the t-ime, bigger, bigger, big-ger...*

*sung to the Beatles, It's getting better all the time

Monday, May 23, 2011

You're pregnant and I have cravings

That's what my hubby said at dinner time several days ago. He wanted pancakes. So we made them, but together. Or rather, I taught hubby how to make them and talked him through the steps. This is a very big accomplishment, and I have already reaped the rewards. This past weekend, hubby made pancakes, for breakfast, while I was still sleeping in bed. Sweet!

Waking up to the smell of freshly made pancakes= heaven.

Pablo Neruda Renovation

In our neighborhood, Pablo Neruda is being totally revamped in preparation for the 2011 Panamerican Games whose headquarters are on the street. So we took a little walk down, to see the progress, and enjoy the completed parts.

Top part, being ripped up, headquarters in the background:

Our favorite "square" on the street, Ghandi Square:

Yet to be planted:

Looking good:

Exercise machines on completed parts:

The completed parts are so great, that we are very excited for the construction to be completed and the entire street to be a beautiful walkway!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Poang Love

One of the best things we picked up in Houston, was this tiny little piece on the right:

Yes, it is the missing part of our Ikea Poang chair, that we have tried to pick up twice before, and both times ended up with the wrong part. But not this time!

Consequently, one of the first tasks I did the day after we got back from our trip, was finally complete the Poang. It couldn't have come at a better time. That chair is the only one I can stand to sit in for more than 20 minutes without having to re-adjust or developing butt/back pain. Ikea for the win!

Bye Bye Harvard Square

Our last day in town made us a bit nostalgic for the olden days when we spent many a morning/lunch break/afternoon in the Square. A Real Madrid-Barcelona soccer game not shown on our home tv was all the excuse we needed to enjoy the beautiful spring day and take a break from the packing. And the joker returns.

First half

half time

Ready for second half


weirdo on Harvard building

Thursday, May 19, 2011

8 to 9

It's no secret that as you get bigger, being comfortable gets increasingly more difficult, particularly in bed. As a result, lots of nights I wake up in the middle of the night, for seemingly no reason, and then can not fall back asleep for hours on end. If this happens more than a couple of days in a row I start walking around like a complete zombie.

BUT, very often between 8 and 9 a.m. I get some amazing rest. It varies; sometimes I sleep best between 7:30 and 8:30. But either way, I am so so so grateful for that short nap of fabulous rest, especially when I've been awake and trying to fall back asleep since 4 or 5 a.m.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bye Bye Cambridge

Back in Boston, we were craving a good ol' Trader Joe's pizza, and decided to take a walk down to the new-ish location in Fresh Pond. Here's Joker and his walk to get the loot:


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

31 weeks

This time, we were in Houston, and things were good.

We spent the end of our vacation with a little more relaxation and culmination of shopping that resulted in the picture seen here!

  • I feel huge!
  • My belly got heavy. So I bought a belt, and that seems to work to alleviate the pressure a bit when I am walking. Unfortunately, it's not so comfy when sitting down.
  • GERD, is my new friend. No more OJ, spicy, onions, garlic, tomatoes...all my loves are being booted out of my life for now.
  • Constipation, also back.
  • Lower back pain is a new buddy that hits from walking too much, sitting too much and anything in between.
  • But, I feel good, and more excited than I've been.
  • I love having baby stuff around; it feels more real.
  • People have become very very nice and accommodating to me, and that I love.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Car Seat Adventures

Our time in Houston was marked mostly by shopping, a little bit of relaxing, some royal-wedding viewing (in parts), and one awesome purchase: a bag. But not just any bag, a bag that holds a car seat. It was pretty funny watching M walk around the house with this thing.

It did, however, come in very handy for our flight back when we checked in with all our luggage and this free extra piece. Actually the lady wanted us to pay for it, because she said we needed to have an infant with us for it to be free. BUT that is not Continental's policy. So even though she'd been working there for 15 years, we got our free check in. Although I can understand her- because really how many people travel with a carseat but no infant?

The Met and More

After our midnight photo shoot and spending 3 days across the street we felt it was time for a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We had just the right amount of time for a few exhibits before we were off to lunch in Queens. We returned to Manhattan in time for rush hour and so delayed our departure with a short meeting with an old friend, and a slice of New York Pizza, before we returned to Boston late that night.

Elevators, from the Met:

To "our" building:

Friday, May 13, 2011

My new BFF

His name is GERD. Some of you may know him by his colloquial name, acid reflux. But really he prefers his full name- Gastro-Esophogeal Reflux Disease.

He's kind of a kartzia (=tick=parasite=pain in the behind). He comes and goes as he pleases. He likes to show up when I'm trying to relax after a meal, or when I go to bed at night.

The only one that can control him is Uncle TUMS. Unfortunately TUM's BFF is Mr. Constipation, so I don't like to let him stop by the house too often. Inevitably if one comes over, the other tags along.

So that's where we're at. I've been trying to avoid GERD by cutting out his gang of co-conspirators, Mrs. Tomato, Mr. Onion, Baby Orange and all their friends. But life is strange without them. It's a catch 22.

New York City Fun

The following day was the epitome of a fun New York day, with lots of walking, eating, meeting and greeting. We started off with a walk down a closed Fifth Avenue, taking in the sun and an assortment of Easter hats.

[Caption: Rude Israeli Man Crossing Street. Explanation: Man says to wife: "Here, take the [water] bottle, ok"? She replies "no, I don't want it", so he says: "Ok I'm going to throw it away". She says: "Alright, give me the water". Man turns to friend: "See, I know how to manipulate her".]

Easter Hats

After a short cupcake stop by Grand Central, we headed down to Chelsea Market to meet up with a couple of friends. A milkshake and walk on the High Line later, we met up with some cousins to continue our walk down the West River Boardwalk.

As it started to drizzle we stopped for a drink and joined up with some other friends to continue into Soho. One more family dinner and we were full, contented and totally pooped. But even our tired feet could not resist a short photo shoot on the steps of a deserted Met. The best kind of day.

The Met at Midnight: