Monday, April 18, 2011

Punta Arenas Tips


* The town of Punta Arenas is pretty nice and worth walking around the main plaza and a couple of local museums. Additionally there are various tours that can be organized from here by bus or boat. Prepare for extreme wind (all year round).

Seno Otway Pinguinera
- see penguins in their natural habitat, tours leave every day around 14:00. A "tour" with Buses Fernandez is 7000 CLP at booking + 1000 CLP paid as toll on the way. Entrance to the park is 5000 CLP. It is not recommended to go there independently because extreme wind conditions make driving quite perilous.

Joshiken Hostal- It was pretty nice and very close to the bus station for Puerto Natales and the penguins.

Flights- operated by Lan Chile and Sky Airlines

Buses Fernandez-to get to Puerto Natales (several times a day) or to do the penguin tour at 16:00 daily;
Buy ahead of time because seats are numbered.

Zona Franca- the duty free zone, has mostly lots of stuff made in China. If you are continuing on to trek, there is a good gear store Balfur, that is significantly cheaper than other options in the south.

Punta Arenas

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