Monday, April 11, 2011

Puerto Varas and Ensenada Tips

The main hub from which to tour the towns around Lake Llanquihue.

In Town:
The Architecture Tour- see some old dilapidated houses (from the outside)
Cerro Phillipi- for a view of the town and lake from above

Volcan Calbuco- explore the country road to get here. The entrance is via a private property so you will need a little luck to actually get to the mountain.

Llanquihue- another small town on the lake, not much there.

Frutillar- this is a really nice town, (consider staying there) tips coming in the next post.

Dane's- excellent empanadas, always a line out the door. Del Salvador 441, Tel. 232371

The town closest to Volcan Osorno and Petrohue.
*Note that there isn't much in town, so if you're going to be cooking in your cabin, you might want to bring provision from Puerto Varas.

*All of these are part of Vicente Perez Rosales National Park.

Volcan Osorno
- drive up to the top for views of the lake and surrounding area. There are also several hiking trails on the way.

Saltos de Petrohue- not to miss, beautiful waterfalls with volcano in the background; there are a few hiking trails within the park as well.

Lago Todos Los Santos- this beautiful emerald colored lake is a must-see! You can take a day tour to visit from Puerto Varas or drive yourself to Petrohue and take a boat tour from there.
Boat tour to Peulla and back 22000 CLP/person; bring lunch. Note: you will have a few hours in Peulla while waiting for people coming from Argentinian side.

Peulla- once on the other side of the lake in Peulla there are a few small trails to explore: a small cemetary, Saltos Velo de la Novia, plus longer trails if you stay overnight.

*It is also possible to cross to Argentina (towards Bariloche) via the Lakes/Buses combo tour. Tour begins in Puerto Montt or Puerto Varas.

Cabanas Brisas del Lago- extremely clean lakeside cabins, located right in front of Volcan Osorno.

Puerto Varas

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