Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Yet Another Tequila Excursion

A few weeks ago M's parents were in town for a visit. So we made the rounds, to some of the Guadalajara must-sees. First up was Andares. I think this is a great first place to visit, because you realize you're in a civilized country. It sort of throws away a lot of the illusions that people have about "Mexico". It was the first place that we were taken, and it really is so pleasant to walk around, you can't not be impressed. After a little of that, and seeing our home neighborhood, our visitors were ready for some real Mexico.

So our first full day, we went out of the city to Tequila. D got to switch it up and we toured the Sauza factory. It was very very similar to the Cuervo tour. Perhaps a little less refined, but you saw more of the actual process so it's hard to compare. We had a little stroll around town, and a great lunch at La Cholula. And so the busy day ended with the scenic drive back to town on the "libre" highway, which was surprisingly in great condition.

With the Cuervo at Jose Cuervo Factory

On Sauza Factory Tour

In Tequila main plaza, outside La Cholula

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