Monday, February 7, 2011

From Paris with Love *

How embarrassing! It has been sitting in our draft box for well over a year- but it's time to finally reveal, Paris, city of lights, city of love! We want to stay away from over-explaining the basics and the cliches: We know our readers are smart enough to figure out when the Eiffel Tower opens and how to get to Versaille. But we do want to share some of our favorite places. And we have some tips for those on a follow-up trip or with a little more time.

*We were going to start with a movie review but this movie is really bad. So we don't recommend it. :)

**We make no claim to be experts on the topic, we're just going to share things that we enjoyed and would recommend to our friends. :)

And so coming up: walking tours, museums, and a little more. Short and sweet.

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