Sunday, January 9, 2011


It seems it may finally be over, but for 4 weeks now, almost every restaurant experience has been cursed. Luckily we did a lot of eating in. See for yourself:

Concon- grilled congrio fish served raw

Santiago- greasy couscous dropped on shirt and pants by waiter

Santiago- piece of sweater lint found in sandwich

Sky airlines- hair in pasta
(not counted- another airline meal we wouldn't touch even if nothing was wrong with it)

Puerto Varas- grilled salmon served raw

Puerto Varas- cake had moldy raspberries

Chiloe- dirty dishes, nasty food
(not counted- 3 attempts to eat lunch in locations 10 minutes after they closed)

Puerto Natales- raw french fries, greasy and cold
(not counted- a tasteless pizza)

El Calafate- orange juice served in cracked glass

Ratio cursed restaurant meals: 7/26
Of 18 restaurant meals not "cursed", number enjoyed: 6

We would call that a curse. Gratefully, as we started our way back north it seemed to have finally ended. Phew!

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