Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Trekking Journal - Day 3: Los Cuernos

Our second full day began with sore limbs and a scurry out of the lodge just past checkout time. The previous day had obviously taken a toll but we tried to stay upbeat as we had a mostly sunny day. Today was our first day carrying our full packs and it was going to be quite a struggle. We had only just begun when huge gusts of wind had us quite literally toppling over. As we climbed the hills, the winds only got worse. At one point we were literally airborne for a few brief seconds before crashing to the ground on some thorny bushes. In the times when we weren´t battling against the wind we tried to enjoy the turqoise lake beside us and the ever-increasing views of Los Cuernos (horns) ahead of us. The hike was a challenge and took us significantly longer than "alloted" or "expected ". At one point we suspected the clouds ahead would bear rain and we put our bag covers on. Mś cover blasted away within 5 seconds. Thank you Doite. Unfortunately our late arrival at the not-so-great Cuernos lodge left us with the top-bunks in a pretty uncomfortable lodging and eating situation which ended with pita and peanut butter on the 3rd story bunk.

starting off

blustery day

approaching Los Cuernos

crazy winds on Lago Nordenskjold

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