Saturday, December 4, 2010

Santiago - Day 3 and 4

Santiago Day 3: Shopping, and Shopping

Apparently we had over-extended ourselves on day 2 because by the next morning, all we felt like tackling was some shopping in Alto Las Condes. The unexpected cold front passing over left us freezing in our summer t-shirts, so that a quick trip to the mall produced fruitful long-sleeved results. Aunt R met us and we went for lunch with Cousin M2 a little ways away. The restaurant's specialty is raw beef, and viewing plates of ground beef (read: raw hamburger meat on bread) was revolting enough, that we decided to pass on ordering it. A coffee with Cousin M3 and we continued our little shopping tour. We were impressed to discover that you can really find everything here (due to trade agreements and low customs).

Santiago Day 4:

Our morning was the epitome of good touristing. As we exited the metro downtown, we were welcomed by the horns and yelling of a peaceful protest, an appropriate welcome to the governmental buildings. We started in La Moneda with the cultural center where we were pleasantly surprised with an exhibition on basket-making and some local art. We then headed to the PreColumbian museum that houses artifacts from all of Latin America with impressive explanations to boot. And there ended our touristing for the day, as we entered a family tour in full swing: lunch here, coffee there, another coffee there, dinner there and the day was over. Whew! Although worth noting were a couple incredible cakes we've had so far: chocolate/peach jam/marzipan; bluberry/merangue; and several types with dulce de leche.

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