Saturday, December 4, 2010

Santiago - Day 1 and 2

Santiago Day 1: Sleeping and Eating


Our flight to Santiago may be deserving of a letter to Copa, and not one of those good ones. Between a bathroom door that didn't close, M being leaked on (literally, water on pants) and a couple meal screw-ups, it wasn't one of those "pain-free" flights. Nevertheless, we made it, and Cousin M1 picked us up in the early morning dawn. The rest of the day was spent sleeping and eating, then again….aaand, again. Regardless, we did fit in: a coffee on the the balcony complete with buildings and mountains view, a short walk in the deceptively strong (ozone-protection-free) sun, and a meet with the rest of the family.


Santiago Day 2: Overview and Ice Cream

By the second day we felt rested enough to play tourist. We started in the Plaza de Armas, and didn't get very far before heading to the famous Domino for a hot dog lunch followed by a "classy" raunchy coffee (link) at Cafe Haiti. From there we were ready to start our tour with an overview of the city from Cerro Santa Lucia. We took the elevator up and completed the stairs up for a panorama of the truly enormous city below. From there we walked through a seemingly gentrified area full of cute coffee shops (and stopped for an ice cream) where we unexpectedly found ourselves in a new artsy Gabriela Mistral building where a tour was just starting! Unfortunately for the guide, we quickly lost interest and left the ultra modern community building for a walk through Ruben Dario Park, where we ended our day in the Palacio de Bellas Artes (closed due to strike). Dinner was a birthday celebration with Cousin M1 and family…


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