Saturday, November 6, 2010

Costalegre Tips: Colima and Jalisco Beaches

Our latest trip to Cuastecomate reminded me that we never put up our Pacific Coast Tips, that have been waiting since our last two trips going South to North, and then North to South. So here they are South to North, designated as "surf" (rough beaches), or "swim" (swim-able), and any other tidbits you might want to know.
For a map, see this post.

Cuyutlán- a black sand beach, surf, a few rustic accommodations and several palapa restaurants. There's really nothing going on in the town itself, but there is a Turtle Sanctuary which is supposed to be interesting (but closed on Wednesday). The best part is that getting to the beach is so easy- when the highway ends, you're there.

Manzanillo- a big port city and therefore the beaches a pretty polluted. There are several large hotels (with golf courses even), but we wouldn't venture in there...If you do- our favorite is Playa de Santiago, swim, which has an awesome retro hotel.

* Costa Alegre- the happy coast, literally starts here and ends in Puerto Vallarta. It is full of small coves and therefore makes a good location to relax, although you won't really find any "American standard" hotels.

Barra de Navidad- on a really large cove that is quite beautiful, surf, was built up for tourism but is still on the basic side.

Melaque- another surf beach, has more of a dusty Mexican town and lots of small (and not super attractive) hotels.

Cuastecomate- tiny cove, swim, a few restaurants, is good for a day trip but there are only 2 lodging options: a run down hotel and a house for rent (for 12 people).

La Manzanilla- low key beach, swim, rustic accommodations and many palapa restaurants.

Boca de Iguanas- a nice beach with crocodiles, (good) surf, main accommodation is an RV park.
Boca de Iguanas

Tenacatita- same as La Manzanilla, special because there are coves facing both east and west so you can see both sunrises and sunsets. Unfortunately going through some troubles.

Careyes- home to a luxury resort and private homes, this beach is located on a very rocky strip and the houses are perched on the hill above; might be nice but seemed very isolated to us.

Punta Perula- the northernmost beach reachable via the coastal road, swim, a longer stretch than the above two, but even more rustic. Most people come to camp/in RV. There is one "full service" hotel, but we wouldn't recommend it.

Northward are the beaches of Bahia de Banderas, a.k.a. Puerto Vallarta, coming up in another tips installment.

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