Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sad news regarding our favorite local beach


courtesy of The Guadalajara Reporter:
One of the most idyllic beaches and tourist destinations on the Pacific Coast of Mexico was wiped out recently. In a matter of hours. Not by any obvious force of nature such as a hurricane, earthquake or tsunami. This devastation was the result of big-bucks human greed swathed in a miasma of assumed political malfeasance.
Before daybreak on August 4, a reported 200 armed Jalisco state police officers began evicting 800 residents, visitors, and business owners in Tenacatita. (That’s one gun against every four persons, quite a show of force in a small, remote fishing village when most troops are fighting a major drug war.) Riot police restricted access to citizens trying to get back in to retrieve belongings.
This land grab didn’t stop with the displacement of hundreds of Mexicans from their property along the bay side of Tenacatita’s beach. Dozens of titled properties on the open-ocean side of the Tenacatita peninsula also were seized, properties held by a number of Americans, as well as Canadians and Europeans.
Read the rest here:La Manzanilla Memo - 08/14/10: Paradise Lost? | Guadalajara Reporter

As of today (over 2 months later), the beach is still closed to the public.

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