Monday, October 18, 2010

After the Trip: What to do with all those Photos- Part I

So you went on a big trip and now you're home with several SD cards full of thousands of photographs. Now what to do?

1- Back-up! and then back-up again. Once you get the pictures on the computer, make sure you save another copy somewhere. Our preferred method is on an external hard drive, but a CD-R will work just as well.

2- Display. No offense or anything, but when your friends come over, they don't want to sit down in front of your laptop to look through your bazillion pictures. The only people that like to do that either were on the same trip with you, or have already been there.

This is where you have a couple really good options:

Photobooks- back in the day these were photo albums, but that's a little ol' school. Although scrap-booking is also a really nice option, albeit time-consuming. But whatever floats your boat.

Wall Art- we'll be talking about this in Part II...

[BTW D went to a lecture by an executive of a very well known photography company (kough, kough) she's not allowed to name, on this very subject. Turns out that in this very digital age, most people still print their pictures in some way, shape, or form! ]

How do you like to display your travel photos? Any awesome tips or ideas? Do Share!

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