Monday, September 13, 2010

The ReLaunch of Tiyulon (part 1)

As some of our readers might have noticed, we decided to update our oh-so-2008 styled blog and bring it into the second decade of the millennium with some renewed class, or ya know, we were getting bored of it.

So a quick tour of our new features:

Navigation bar (top of the page) - so you can access the information you're looking for without drowning in our archives.

Reaction buttons (under each post) - let us know what you think, even when you're too lazy to write a comment.

Pictures embedded in posts- so you don't have to navigate away from the site. :-)

As always, your comments motivate us to keep on blogging. So let us know what you'd like to hear about and see in the next batch of posts!

And tell us, what do you think of our changes? Good-to-Go or Totally-Lame-O

Until next time,

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