Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pictures Los Cabos

More Pictures for your viewing pleasure:

Monday, July 19, 2010

Los Cabos- Part II

Our second day in Cabo began with a small "crisis": we finished our reading books. As if we were travel rookies! We tried to get some books from the hotel, but there's a reason why people left those books behind...the receptionist suggested we try our luck at walmart- a ten minute walk from the resort.
From Cabo
Once we get there, we realize it is just like every other Mexican Walmart- there are no English books to be had. M has the tenacity to ask a gringo at check out if he knows any bookstores, and as luck would have it- they do. And they offer to give us a ride- introducing Linda and Michael- (the Archie and Jane of Cabo). Except instead of dropping us off by a store, they take us to their condo's book exchange and let us take a few books for free!
Since we were already in town (Cabo San Lucas) we took a little stroll, to the mall and through the marina. Seems like dollars are the way to go down there; no need to feel like you're in Mexico. We got back to the resort and had no more reasons to leave for the rest of the week.
From Cabo
The remaining days were marked by eating, drinking, swimming, reading and relaxing, and eating and drinking.
From Cabo
From Cabo
From Cabo

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Los Cabos- Part I

So I thought the only thing I would have to write was how we booked this vacation, but turns out that D&M are up to their usual shenanigans...
For the first time in our lives, we paid for internet in an airport (Madrid) on the way back to Mexico. But we had a task at hand: book a vacation we would leave on just 36 hours later. Months of research about Cancun went down the drain when we checked the weather and saw a lot of RAIN. So we checked the weather for a few more Mexican destinations and decided on Cabo! Then it was a matter of finding a few packages, narrowed down to a few that looked good (all inclusive, ocean view, in our price range) and finally we checked tripadvisor to get it down to our finalist. Ten minutes before boarding our connection, it was booked.
After a day in Mexico City (see previous post), we woke up early to fly to San Jose del Cabo. Neither us of knew anything about the place other than the fact that Californians vacation there and that they get earthquakes. Imagine our surprise flying in over seemingly never-ending mountainous desert and a beautiful coastline.
We took a shared cab to the resort on the Corridor. The rest of the day was spent lamenting the ingenuity of an all-inclusive hotel...a bit different than our previous backpacking adventures.

Day 1 went well; but adventure day was still on the horizon...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mexico City

Hesitantly I would call this Part I, but we're not sure when Part II will be, so I'll leave it as is. Our introduction to Mexico City was on the Turibus- a hop on hop off tour to see the main sites downtown. Our favorite stops were: Condesa- a hipster neighborhood with lots of restaurants and bars, and the Palace de Bellas Artes with famous murals of Deigo Rivera and others. We did however hit up the must-have stops: Fuente de Cibeles (copy of the one in Madrid), the Angel monument of independence, the Zocalo historic center with the main cathedral, and La Reforma Blvd. with all kinds of benches and statues. Overall a good introduction, although far from a raving recommendation.

On the Turibus:

Fuente de Cibeles:

Zocalo area:

Fifa Fan fest (where they showed the world cup games)...

in front of the Cathedral.

Cool bench on Reforma Blvd:

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pictures from Tiyulim (trips) in Israel

More to Enjoy:


Old City

friends J&S

Western Wall

Shuk Machne Yehuda

Sea of Galilee, view from Kahal

Budget made a killing on us

to Ein A-Tina

with friends, M, O, and A

with friends I, C, J, O, M and K

with friend A

To the Banias

with friend C

the Syrian Tank

with friend O

buying Labane and Olives

Acco Bahai Gardens

Templar Tunnels, Acco

Acco Port


with friend N

with cousin D

with cousins P and J

with cousin L

with cousin M