Friday, March 12, 2010

Guanajuato cont.

More annotated pictures from this lovely town:

Callejon de Beso- the narrowest of narrow allies where there was a Romeo and Juliet type story- poor boy, rich girl banned to be together but would kiss on balconies that were so close to each other.

The balconies- they really are close together:

M with musicians-

A callejoneada- music group plays and walks in street and spectators follow.

They start the show in front of steps of theater..

and after the walk- they will end up in a bar.

The university

House of Diego Rivera- houses some of his works- too bad the shop was closed..

And the mummy museum- kinda creepy, kinda cool

There are lots of minerals in the ground so bodies are preserved with skin and everything..

View of city from the other side, on top of a mine.

Bye bye Guanajuato! Until next time, your colors will be missed.

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