Monday, November 9, 2009

Guadalajara 3: Tonala

Sunday we checked out the apartment for the second time to see it in the morning light. Then went down the street for brunch at a recommended restaurant. Then it was time to join all the Guadalajarians on a typical outing to Tonala. The suburb is like Tlaquepaque in that they produce artisanal crafts there, but it is not as refined and the prices are a little lower for that. On Sundays they have an outdoor market with street stalls full of typical market junk. We were less than impressed but at least we got to see some of the "rustico" furniture you can get there (unfinished).
And Monday it was time to get back to business with paperwork, errands etc. In the afternoon we visited the D'Celina factory and saw how the little communion and baptism kits are handmade. It was cool to see that up close and it also meant we saw a bit of the eastern side of town which we hadn't really frequented (and probably won't in the future).

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