Sunday, November 8, 2009

Guadalajara 2: Tlaquepaque and Chapala

day 4:
One last morning of looking at apartments. After lunch it was decision time and we put a deposit down on one- yay! In the afternoon we finally got around to seeing the historic center of town. The main cathedral is surrounded by several plazas with fountains, vendors, some performers and lots of people just sitting around. It was really pleasant to walk around with lots of trees and it basically looked like what the center is expected to look like. We've concluded that the food is great- after four days in the city and not even one mediocre meal. But evening entertainment was yet to commence and it was probably the best day yet! We went to the VIP movie theater. For about 9 dollars we sat in super comfortable leather recliners, and had waiters service us as we ordered food and drinks! We couldn't say much for the movie (Michael Jackson) but the experience was amazing! Before going home we swung by a gated neighborhood to visit a cousin of the people we're with and saw where all the who's who of Guadalajara live...not bad.

evening mariachi performance in the historic center

day 5:
This was tourist day. In the morning we went to Tlaqupaque, a suburb of Guadalajara that is full of artisanal shops. There were lots of pedestrian streets with tons of shops selling everything from furniture, to lamps, to household goods, to art to jewelry and more. A lot of it was really really nice (with prices to match) and it felt very touristy but pleasant.

in Tlaquepaque

The family we're staying with owns a bakery so on the way back to the city we had to check that out. Then after tasting the local fresh totally natural and delicious ice cream we were off to Lake Chapala. The lake area is only 45 minutes out of the city but it is a different world, really mountainous, a little chillier and small villages dotting the landscape. The area of the lake is full of retired Americans and Canadians living in little houses and if you're in Ajijik you don't need to know Spanish. The lake is contaminated so it's only good for looking at, but the boardwalk was nice. In Chapala itself there's more of a town with a Cathedral, shops and restaurants. It was another long tiring day but very fulfilling. If you come here, we'll take you there.

on Lake Chapala

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