Sunday, November 8, 2009

Guadalajara 1

day 1:
Our morning started off with a campus tour: we saw the hospital campus (for the third year), the medical school campus (for the first two years) and the main campus (with administration and other schools). Overall they were fairly nice and we got the impression that the schools were really hands-on. Most importantly fantastically located in the West side of the city which is the nicer and more modern area.

ready to tour

medical campus

Day of the Dead alter, main campus

main campus
We met a woman that will be in school with M for lunch and she gave us some tips as she's been living here for a few years. From there we saw our first couple apartments, stopped at a brand new fancy mall (owned by the family that owns the university) then had dinner at a local chain. However the most important part of the day was yet to commence. We were introduced to the local casino. The family we are staying with frequents it relatively often, so we joined in on the evening activity. It was surreal to say the least.

Andares mall

day 2:
In the morning we were introduced to proper home-made gorditas (fried dough like an english muffin with some beans and cheese on top), and mexican coffee (with cinnamon). It was a delicious way to start another long day. The method for finding an apartment here is to drive around the neighborhood and call phone numbers of agents on signs outside the apartments. And that's just what we did the whole day. Meanwhile we were getting acquainted with the neighborhoods between the school campuses (about 3 km from each other). We saw a lot of nice properties; there's lots of building going on of new high-rises and your money can go a long way here. By the end of the day we had a few prospects and several more appointments for the next day. But the night was young (see a pattern here?). This time we were off to the Festival Octubre, a month long festival that is like a county fair with rides, games, food stalls, and a rodeo. There was a famous performer so the stadium was packed and we couldn't see a thing, but at least we enjoyed the rest of it.

Fiestas Octubre

day 3:
Another morning, another great family breakfast of chila quiles (like tostada pieces with tomato sauce) and fresh juice and we were ready to start the day. It was another day of apartment searching, but by this day we figured out the price range at which we could get the best value for our money and we narrowed down the areas we were looking in. We also stumbled upon the complex that houses Walmart, Sears, Sam's club, Costco etc. and another shopping mall with all the brands. We stopped to check in and see what was available, as the apartments come totally empty (you're lucky to have a stove) apparently along with furnishings, we'll be going refrigerator shopping...By this time we can confidently say that the city is nice. The weather is nice (chilly mornings and evenings with sunny days). The people are very nice (so far everyone has been super helpful).

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