Thursday, October 8, 2009


Sam Houston, Herman Park, Houston, TX

This assessment is all IMHO (in my humble opinion), please don't be offended.

What we've been doing here in three words:
Eating, Driving, Shopping (in that order, I think).

Celebrating the chagim here has been quite an experience. The synagogue is like a mega-church, choir and all. We ate a lot, every day. And I needed about three times as many outfits a usual because we see the same people everyday and g-d forbid you wear the same thing twice. And then you eat some more.

The highway is your friend. There's no such thing as walking unless you're in a mall. Then you get a lot of exercise because the mall is really big. Exercise=shopping, which brings me to the third point.

Strip centers- they are everywhere and they all look the same. Until you go inside one of the stores and it's a mess, then you know you're in the ghetto. I have visited close to a dozen bookstores here, within five minutes I can give you a ghetto-ness assessment on a scale of one to ten.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

American Vacation: Destin and New Orleans

Ok, a little backtracking so that we can move forward...
Our week in Destin was pleasantly uneventful. We went down to the beach most mornings and in the afternoon filled our days with tv, internet, shopping, reading and sometimes a little more beach just before sunset. The sand in Destin is incredibly fine, the water warm and the waves gentle and pleasant. Overall it was perfect for some swimming, reading under the umbrellas, paddle-ball and floating around in the water. We did a couple of walks down the beach, scoured the outlet malls without much success and just relaxed, ending most evenings with a cocktail. The last day a tropical storm was coming in, after about five minutes the novelty of being in the water while it was raining wore off. We transferred our stuff and ourselves to the pool area and tried this trick in the hot tub, but once we were crowded out by some kids it was time to admit defeat. I went to snuggle in bed and Michael stayed up to watch the storm.

The next morning it was time to leave and we tried to wait out the pouring rain but to no avail. Luckily once we were about an hour West the drenching rains stopped, more or less. So our next stop was New Orleans. Even though it was drizzling, the city's charm prevailed. We started of our tour with a stop for some beignets and cafe au lait at Cafe du Monde. Feeling warm and fuzzy inside we proceeded to walk along the river and explore the French quarter. It was incredibly quaint and the bands playing outside for the tourists made up for the dreary atmosphere. On Bourbon St. someone had to take advantage of the open container law- so I took one for the team with a 32 oz hurricane at 4pm...We have a rough life :) . Then it was time for some linner- some gumbo and a shrimp po-boy later and it was time to continue the drive. On our way out we drove by the Superdome- the only landmark I really recognized from tv- sad but true. A few hours later in the middle of the night we made it to Houston, city of cement.